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Menopause and cognitive effects of oestradiol

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❓Did you know: Women are at increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease (being 68% of cases), influenced by the loss of oestrogen in menopause.

Oestradiol improves cognition and lowers risk of AD in post-menopausal women by at least 34%, with beneficial results dominating with use of topical oestradiol.[1-4]

The many benefits of oestradiol [5]

Oestradial helps memory and cognition:

  • Neuroprotective and modulating

    • ↑ neurogenesis, network activity and synaptic transmission

  • Master regulator of mitochondria

    • ↑ ATP/energy production

  • ↓ inflammatory response to beta-amyloid

    • ↓ beta-amyloid levels and toxicity, and ↑ clearance

Oestradial helps vascular health (which contributes to 40% of AD cases):

  • Enhances vascular health and ↓ cardiovascular death

    • ↓ oxidation of LDL cholesterol

    • ↓ plaque formation

    • ↑ vasodilation (stimulates nitric oxide)

    • Improves vascular elasticity

    • ↓ BP

Maximum cardioprotective effects when oestradiol is initiated at first symptoms of menopause and within first 10 years after menopause.[4]

Have a look at the evidence. Perhaps bioidentical HRT is part of the puzzle for many menopausal women.


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