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Pictorial resume for Stephanie Berglin - education, skills, experience, areas of expertise


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I have been working in the natural therapies industry since 2000 as a nutritionist, herbalist and iridologist.


After studying at Sydney's renowned Natural Care College, I started a clinic practice before embarking on training and education roles with leading retail and practitioner-only brands of nutritional and therapeutic supplements.

Over the last 25+ years, I have combined my skills in communications, marketing, education and writing with my experience and love for food and nutrition.

With a passion for food, exercise and getting the most out of life, I specialise in weight management, digestive issues and conditions, teen health, mental and cognitive health, and the influences and impacts nutrition has on many conditions and health concerns of the body during all life stages.

After being one of many who have experienced the harrowing effects of Alzheimer’s disease on family members and close friends, I have also trained in the Bredesen Protocol (Recode 2.0) and keenly educate on the importance of prevention being better than cure for the treatment of this condition.

I now contract my broad and versatile skill-set to leading natural health supplement companies as well as conducting consults in my practice in Maroubra or via Telehealth online.

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