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How do you get vitamin D in winter?

Winter sun

Getting any vitamin D on these winter rainy days?

☀️Where is our sunshine? Where is our vitamin D?

With very little sunshine, and lots of rain, 🌦️ during winter, you may be wishing winter was over before it has barely begun.

With the increased darkness and lack of sunshine comes less vitamin D production by our bodies.

Vitamin D is vital for muscle function and strength, bone, skeletal and teeth growth, maintenance and repair, and health of the immune, thyroid and nervous systems.

The best way to obtain vitamin D is via exposure to sunshine. It is produced by the action of sunlight with the oily substance in the skin, ergosterol.

So how can we get more of it when the sun is not shining?

🐟We can also get vitamin D from halibut fish oil, cod liver oil, sardines, tuna, butter, sunflower seeds, eggs and, particularly if tested to be deficient, supplements.

🌞And when the sun is shining, get those bodies out in it and exposed, unprotected, for 10-15 minutes (more for darker skins) at 10am or 3pm every day.


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