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Top 5 tips: Sleep for brain health

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Alarm clock

Sweet dreams are made of these Top 5 best sleep practises for brain health:

  1. 🛌🏼Have a regular schedule, ideally sleeping and waking with the sun

  2. 🛌🏼Decrease radiation and EMFs – turn off electronic devices, or put on aeroplane mode, and have them far away from your head and the bed (including the use of sleep apps)

  3. 🛌🏼No eating or exercise 3 hours before going to bed

  4. 🛌🏼Wear blue-blocking glasses 3 hours before bed-time

  5. 🛌🏼The bed is only for sleeping and sex – no TV, phones, screens or working in bed

If you are having trouble getting your required 7-8 hours of sleep each night, try making some changes to your sleep hygiene – your body and brain will thank you!


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